May 2017
-Performing California Guignol at Studio 550 in Cambridge May 20&21
March 2017
-Interactive theater performing The Queen of Hearts at a private event. Off with all of your heads!! FUN!!!
September 2016
-Booked and shooting the romantic comedy "How to Pick your Second Husband First."
Wonderful cast and crew. Great experience!
-May 2016
'The Damaged' web series received early acceptance into the Miami Web Fest and will be screening this fall!
-April 2016
.'For Love or Money' Screening at the Boston International Film Festival
- March 2016
Listeners received Awards for Best Cinematography, Best Sound. And Second Place for Best Picture @The Redstone Film Festival. Congratulations!!A joy, as always, working with dear friend and director Sara X.Robin.
. Working on the web series "Who Does That? !!!
- January 2016
. Performing 'Talking To Roses' as part of the New Works Festival @The Firehouse Performing Arts Center
. Portraying Ellen Ellsworth for Harvard Law's divorce trial.
- December 2015
.Shot a guest spot on "The Damaged" web series. What a great, talented cast and crew. Stay Tuned. . .
- November 2015
. Shot and wrapped role on The Last Poker Game
. Cast as Rachel in "Talking To Roses," premiering at The Firehouse Performing Arts Center New Works Festival in January.
-October 2015
. Booked as Receptionist on The Last Poker Game starring Paul Sorvino and Martin Landau.
. Grateful and honored to have won a NEABO Award for Best Female Comedic Acting Clip.:) They had these kind words to say:
"...keeps control of her comedy. She knows that something can be funnier when it is played more understated. She has a really funny delivery and is obviously a keen observer which makes her characters hysterical and riveting."
The clip is from The Viola? a sharp and funny 3 minute short by Director Xavery Robins
. New 'Joy' trailer is out and our scene is in!
XMas Release!

-September 2015
. Blue Cross Blue Shield Commercial airing on cable and network television!
-August 2015
. Booked and Shot Commercial for Blue Cross Blue Shield
Fantastic, super nice crew-- Lots of fun!
. Shot and wrapped Indie Feature 'Day Before A Wedding' with the great Bryan Sih!
-July 2015
."The Finest Hours" Trailer's out! You can see me and partner Michael, briefly (in blue in front of band) as one of the principal dancers. Magical!!

. Shot and wrapped the lead role of Lexi in 'For Love or Money,' winner for Best Script at Boston International Film Festival.
. Just wrapped two weeks of SP work with Harvard's 4th Year Medical Students
-June 2015
. Shooting BU MFA Theses film 'Listeners' with shining star Xavery Robin
. 'Grease' Themed Dance Performance at MIT!!. . .How Low Can You Go?!
-April 2015
. Shot a featured dance role in David O.Russell's 'Joy'! What a great time!!
.Trailer for 'Black Mass' just came out!!I'm in as Flemmi's Girlfriend with my man, very briefly, around 1:03 mark.:)

-February 2015
.Old Hollywood Themed Dance Performance at Mohegan Sun!

-December 2014
.Shot role on Disney's 'The Finest Hours.' What a blast!!
.Wrapped 'Alyssia' with the great Xavery Robin

-November 2014
Booked on 'The Finest Hours' as a principal dancer.

-October-November 2014
Lots of cases! Very grateful and busy doing Standardized Patient work.

-October 2014
Advent screening at New Hampshire Film Festival!
Here's The Trailer!

-July 2014
Dreamers received early acceptance to the 2014 RI International Film Festival

-June 2014
Shooting scene for 'Black Mass'!

-May 2014
.Booked on 'Black Mass' as Flemmi's Girlfriend!

.Dreamers selected as a finalist in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ 41st Student Academy Awards competition

-Apri 2014
'Ascendants: The Raven' trailer just released!!

Advent selected as part of the Creative Minds project at Cannes!

-January/February 2014
Shooting scenes for 'Ascendants: The Raven'

-January 2014
Portraying Ellen Ellsworth in Harvard Law's Ellsworth VS.Ellsworth

-December 2013
Booked lead role of Nadia in the Indie short 'Ascendants: The Raven'
(Charles River Media Group)

- November 2013
Shot and Wrapped lead role in 'Delicate Cycle' with gifted Director, Bryan Sih.

-October 2013
Booked Featured Part as Mrs.Hank
on 'Sex Tape,' Sony Pictures Entertainment

-September 2013
Modeled for Canon Cameras Live Learning Seminar Workshop
with Award Winning Photographer Jeff Greene

-June/July 2013
Shooting Lead role in 'Dreamers,' portraying astronaut Eileen Corrigan.

-June 2013
Shooting Lead Role in Emerson BFA Thesis film 'Advent'

- April 2013
Shooting MFA short 'Business Affair' portraying water nymph Franceza

-March 2013
Shooting role as Female Dancer #2 in the ABC TV Pilot Hatfields & McCoys